My Nano Aquarium



Hello Everyone….

As i’ve mentioned that one of my interest is Aqua-scaping too.

In this topic I’ll Discuss All about Aquariums, Aqua scaping, Ideas and Issues..!

MY NAno Planted Aquarium

I would Always like things Smaller. But Doing a Planted Aquarium within 5 walls of 1 ft x 0.5 ft x 0.5 ft was a great challenge.

This Pic below is the Final View of the Nano Aquarium.

Nano Planted Aquarium


Nano aqua


nano planted aquarium



Planted moss aquaria




Feel Free to ask any questions, doubts and discuss regarding this topic.

I would be equally Interested to answer or discuss further…

I’ll Update this post soon, regarding what all has been used.



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My name is chandan. (chandan raikar)
A post production Artiste and a graphic designer as my professional skill.

This is my personal blog… And here i am to share about things that exist in my mind, things that i appreciate, things i look forward to, and more,….

Chandankumar raikar

I am just a common man with loads of things added my Interests, like I love filming, Playing paino, Decoration my aquarium, Photographing all the mediocre things that exists.

I love to listen and observe!

uff,, i’ve written so much about me… i better stop right here before  i become obsessed about myself!