Nano Planted Aquarium

What not can be done with the Elements of nature, little earth, Few greens, Few rocks and the wavering element the water. It’s the entire plan you put in and get it!

Here in post I’ll explain all about my nano live aquaria aquarium setup.

My nano aquarium is 1 feet by length, half feet by breadth and height. (yes it is)

So here you go…. All you need is.

  1. An aquarium
  2. Natural Elements (soil, rocks etc..)
  3. Aquaria

And coming to technical

  1. A biological filter (Hang-on)
  2. Spectrum Light
  3. Macro nutrients (optional)

First make sure you have all the things ready and have a plan in your mind to go about!

Set up the aquarium with soil and adjust the ups and downs to have a natural depth.

Fill soil

Use the rocks (If necessary pour a quarter water if you using pebbles or gravel)

Rocks filled

If you have the required aquaria this is the right time to use them.

Plant them carefully, use forceps for the delicate ones, or threading for the green mosses.
(Plants like Anubis must be planted with the soil)

With aquariaRubra

anubias nana

Make the final changes once you done with the scaping.

Fill water….. And you’ll see a soil cloud… its common…. Don’t need to worry about it.

Let the particles settle for an hour or so (depens on the soil you use)

water !

Next its time to switch on your biological filter.

2 hours later… you’ll see crystal clear water. (Bigger tanks may take more time to get filtered)

Optional = you can add cloud clearing solution if necessary.


Fix the lights… and here you go the aquarium is on the display…

Wait…. Never put the fish so soon…. You’ll need to wait for the natural bio-logical cycle to get completed (probably for 1 day for such a small tank).

More pictures on this goes here….



Singapore Moss

Thanks Do feel free to post you comments, questions or doubts ?

Chandan Raikar