The Revolution in technology and culture.

The world is in the midst of a technological change that is transforming the way people collect, distribute, store and use information. Most of the public discourse and political debate has focused on technical or mechanical issues, as most people have been transfixed by the development and workings of the Internet etc, e-mail, and the so called World Wide Web.

A machine is a complex construction of parts that can do a task, it was designed for autonomously. I’d say the windmill was the first machine. Point is that many people “gave birth” to machines, more or less simultaneously in history, probably all over the world, without being in direct contact. The means of how people distributed and recorded information was a piece of paper.

The transformation gradually happened from papyrus to slate and then to black boards. Now in the revolution of Digital technology, the slates are the laptops and the black board is not more than a LCD projection!

The technological developments haven’t come to a rest yet. The opposite is true: the amount of technological presence and development is accelerating. When placing the technological growth in a time line of the Earth’s history, it’s like an explosion. The state of technology is like an embryo, rapidly evolving, soon to show its new born character. Strange things will come. But one day, the acceleration will start to slow down, to maybe one day coming to a stop. What wave will come after the technology wave? A tech-cultural Wave ?

A question that recurred in our digital class discussions was the nature of individual identity and sense of self in the online world in distributing data. Our identities are constructed through interaction with others. As these interactions increasingly are mediated electronically, new ways of constituting the self may emerge.
Research into the effects of electronic information technologies on individual identity formation is needed. The possibilities afforded by new technologies for developing novel relationships among all users, including constructions of personal and professional identities, also should be examined.

Piracy is the burning word that no body cares now days. In fact iPods’ aren’t popular because of music, its popular because alternate piracy methods such as torrents, free mp3 downloads are popular all over the internet. People spend huge money on iPods’, internet and technology just because the viral means of piracy is the alternative. People are just being good sharing media, also looking at their profitable ends that meet together.

The digital culture classes made me rethink, a lot of facts and organize them together to understand how lucky the todays generations are !
The technological development never stops, so as it affects the way we live and the way we organize, distribute and use the information and resources. What never changes is the way of  the perception of the information, that has and should remain as a audio and visual way.

A report by Chandan Raikar


A camera that can capture your entire life

I recently heard about the news of a camera that can capture every pictures of your life

It’s a UK-based firm that will soon launch a camera that a person can wear as a pendant to record every moment of his or her life.

Originally developed as the SenseCam by Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK, for researchers studying Alzheimer’s and other dementias, the ViconRevue can soon be used by consumers to create “lifelogs” that archive their entire lives, researchers claim.

Worn on a cord around the neck, the camera takes pictures automatically as often as once every 30 seconds. It also uses an accelerometer and light sensors to snap an image when a person enters a new environment, and an infrared sensor to take one when it detects the body heat of a person in front of the wearer.
The revolutionary device can fit 30,000 images onto its 1-gigabyte memory, reports New Scientist.
The device is already been decided it into large-scale production.

the camera pendant

the camera pendant

Technology is on a race with the human evolution, and will soon take over the human mind, but as my opinions about such devices are actually very negative, actually these devices make life worse. Life so getting shorter day by day, one wouldn’t have all the time to sit and have a look at all the pictures of his or her life. The device may be very useful to people who investigate things, or even VIP’s.

Developing such a technology is the best, where it’s possible to retrieve all the data (pictures of videos) to a digital format from a human brain, rather than developing and investing on such kind of technology.

Relationship is the root for a successful Entrepreneur.

Success in life – personal or professional – depends mainly on your ability to develop and maintain long lasting relationship. Most of you may initiate new relationship quite successfully, but start stumbling gradually without realizing what’s going wrong.

I came across a article where, the author suggested an action plan: consisting of five Emotional Intelligence Skills, for building and maintaining healthy relationship

1. Ability to manage stress

2. Ability to recognize and manage emotions

3. Ability to communicate non-verbally

4. Ability to humor and

5. Ability to resolve conflicts.

This reminded me of a family consisting of parents – who made an unconventional contribution for educating their children – few brothers and sisters – all independent and self sufficient –  which virtually disintegrated due to members’ inability to manage their own emotions and resolve petty conflicts.

Initiated by the eldest brother – always highlighting, what he had done for prosperity of the family – the topic penetrated others’ mind and soul, and they too started responding with their version of contributions.

All of them failed to manage their stress and emotion, and none took any initiative to resolve this family conflict, resulting into a dramatic deterioration of their inter-personal relationship. In no time, a closely bonded family disintegrated for no genuine reasons.

If you can stop cultivating the habit of highlighting your contributions – even if, a deciding one – in any of your relationship – the biggest culprit in my opinion – and develop a ‘Natural Response System’ of recognizing others’ – success in life is assured.

A friend of mine is fully utilizing the hidden skill, suggested by the author: ability to humor,  and he is so popular with even the consumables vendors for charging the atmosphere with laughter generating comments, that they eagerly wait for his arrival – I have witnessed it myself.

In nut-shell, it’s all about injecting lots of positive energy in the surroundings and making people feel happy.
But what makes a change is about you being happy

Live in divine bliss
Chandan Raikar

Shivlingam is not Shiva’s PENIS !!!

Many ignorants translate “Linga” as penis which is Wrong and this myth is spread by missionaries. and also tell its shiva’s own penis ..
The Linga has different meanings – shapeless, without organs, long drum like, etc…

Penis is called linga by some people due to its shape…the actual world for penis is “Shishna
Shiva Linga here means, Shiva without form… it is like when we die our soul is called “Linga Sharira” now we never mean that after death we become Penis ??? or anything related to sexual transformation.

Shiva being worshipped as Linga means the Consciousness in its primordial form…where Consciousness is entering into the Eternal Energy (Shakti)…the yoni.
Thus shivalinga is the state of god, just before the manifestation of Universe, a little before big bang.

Shiva is worshiped as Linga…because that is the highest of all manifested gods, formless, attribute less…. simple Consciousness and Energy (shiva and shakti)

Shiva shakti where shiva is silence and shakti is moving particles. Here the “law of motion” applies.
Scientifically researched as “the string theory”.
Therefore shiva states nothing but silence, Let the fact (truth) remain as fact… Please don’t destroy it.

Live in divine bliss
Chandan Raikar