Shivlingam is not Shiva’s PENIS !!!

Many ignorants translate “Linga” as penis which is Wrong and this myth is spread by missionaries. and also tell its shiva’s own penis ..
The Linga has different meanings – shapeless, without organs, long drum like, etc…

Penis is called linga by some people due to its shape…the actual world for penis is “Shishna
Shiva Linga here means, Shiva without form… it is like when we die our soul is called “Linga Sharira” now we never mean that after death we become Penis ??? or anything related to sexual transformation.

Shiva being worshipped as Linga means the Consciousness in its primordial form…where Consciousness is entering into the Eternal Energy (Shakti)…the yoni.
Thus shivalinga is the state of god, just before the manifestation of Universe, a little before big bang.

Shiva is worshiped as Linga…because that is the highest of all manifested gods, formless, attribute less…. simple Consciousness and Energy (shiva and shakti)

Shiva shakti where shiva is silence and shakti is moving particles. Here the “law of motion” applies.
Scientifically researched as “the string theory”.
Therefore shiva states nothing but silence, Let the fact (truth) remain as fact… Please don’t destroy it.

Live in divine bliss
Chandan Raikar


7 thoughts on “Shivlingam is not Shiva’s PENIS !!!

    • All is fake… the story goes somewhere else, its just been manipulated, so we believe that fake story !

      At the time of shiva, people were “daivic” divine in nature of body and soul…..
      Its the kaliyuga where ppl are inscribed with the negativities like lust, greed, anger, etc…

      I recommend you to read “Bhagvat” (not bhagvat gita)
      Bhagvat has total 18 editions (18 different books)
      Try reading from 3rd edition, u’ll get to know many things !
      If you are lucky, and deserved to read that book, then the book will find you !

      Live in divine bliss

  1. Huh, Why get offended if its a Penis. One should be happy after all its one of the gods of fertility right. And for all means, it looks like a penis penetrating into a vagina. And the word “Linga” is always used in conjunction with the sex of a person. Just accept it and move on.

  2. SHIVLING KI PUJA sristi ke janak pratham mata pita ke snyukt roop main hoti hai kya aap mata pita ke bina jeevan ko paa sakte ho yahan tak ki vanaspati main bhi nar mada ka astitv hai fir isse inkar kaisa? ham kewal apne jeevan data ki puja karte hai or yeh hi sabse badi puja hai or sristi ke sabhi jeevon ko iska mahtv samjhna chahiye

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