Relationship is the root for a successful Entrepreneur.

Success in life – personal or professional – depends mainly on your ability to develop and maintain long lasting relationship. Most of you may initiate new relationship quite successfully, but start stumbling gradually without realizing what’s going wrong.

I came across a article where, the author suggested an action plan: consisting of five Emotional Intelligence Skills, for building and maintaining healthy relationship

1. Ability to manage stress

2. Ability to recognize and manage emotions

3. Ability to communicate non-verbally

4. Ability to humor and

5. Ability to resolve conflicts.

This reminded me of a family consisting of parents – who made an unconventional contribution for educating their children – few brothers and sisters – all independent and self sufficient –  which virtually disintegrated due to members’ inability to manage their own emotions and resolve petty conflicts.

Initiated by the eldest brother – always highlighting, what he had done for prosperity of the family – the topic penetrated others’ mind and soul, and they too started responding with their version of contributions.

All of them failed to manage their stress and emotion, and none took any initiative to resolve this family conflict, resulting into a dramatic deterioration of their inter-personal relationship. In no time, a closely bonded family disintegrated for no genuine reasons.

If you can stop cultivating the habit of highlighting your contributions – even if, a deciding one – in any of your relationship – the biggest culprit in my opinion – and develop a ‘Natural Response System’ of recognizing others’ – success in life is assured.

A friend of mine is fully utilizing the hidden skill, suggested by the author: ability to humor,  and he is so popular with even the consumables vendors for charging the atmosphere with laughter generating comments, that they eagerly wait for his arrival – I have witnessed it myself.

In nut-shell, it’s all about injecting lots of positive energy in the surroundings and making people feel happy.
But what makes a change is about you being happy

Live in divine bliss
Chandan Raikar


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