Is it? Is it not?

Colors in the air
A breeze of fragrance
smell of her silky hair
strikes a beat at my heart
wai wai wait!! It’s all an imagined Dream

Its few phone calls
when the owls are awake
it’s the three golden words
that would kill the battery
It’s the delicious momo’s
that would remind me of my best friend
its sometime this, sometime that
Its a relationship!
Its not a relationship!
Is it? Is it not?


Should the constitution of India be re-framed???

Our India

Democratic freedom sometimes can lead to the creation of unwanted ideas. India has been a free country and democratic since 1947, where its own people drafted the laws and wrote the fate of the country. It’s said that when law is given to people, it becomes an overall obstacle to accomplish the bright future, how ones food becomes poison to someone else, so people would amend the rules till its compatible to their spaces, hence creating loops holes for them to play safe below the rules. The constitution of India has been one of the most important documents and also the biggest as compared to constitutions of most other countries, yet it’s been used like a tool to barge into the loop holes for personal gains leading to the corruption in our country.

Big Big Constitution!

There have been 96 amendments since the constitution of India was framed and made official, wherein the American constitution which has been over 2 centuries old has been amended only 27 times. And our dear Indian’s would place their head up above in the sky, flaunting that our constitution is the biggest in the world. As per Wikipedia definition for the constitution “it is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed.” Therefore I feel that it really doesn’t matters how big is our constitution., it’s a known fact that Indian has the biggest constitution in the world which Indians are proud about while the united states has the shortest constitutions with just 7 articles. It doesn’t matter how big the constitution is framed, there must not be a constitution because there is a country, there must be a great country because there is a constitution. We all read newspapers, yet if we take a video camera and ask about the constitution to our citizens, there would be a very few people who would even know the fact that India runs based on the rules framed on the constitution. People would know about B.R Ambedkar but not much about the constitution.

New cultures, New world!

When the constitution of India was drafted, it was influenced by the constitutions of many other countries, although the way India functions is completely different from those of the countries constitutions which influenced the drafting of our own constitution. As I’ve discussed earlier that a constitution must be the backbone of the country, which determines how the country develops and progresses, similarly our constitutions was influenced from other constitutions which doesn’t make it very functional. After 64 years of freedom, we still are getting to know our country better by its diverse cultures, religions and colours, therefore it’s very important to reframe the constitution as per how we’ve understood our country so far, following an constitution blindly which was drafted and influenced by other countries constitution before we got to know how diverse is our country makes no sense, and would definitely lead to infinite amendments and would not promise a progressing nation as compared to united states and other developed countries.

Our Acceptance

We must get to know the hidden fact that constitutions are made for countries benefit that is compatible with the cultures, the mentality of its people and their acceptance of their adaptivness. When the rules are made by which, as per these rules the country is governed, it makes absolutely no sense, if there rules are borrowed or influenced from other countries, while the culture and mentality of our country is completely different from that of other country. Let’s discuss this with a simple story;

Story of a family

There is an Indian family consisting of 4 members, a father, mother and two children. Here the father sets down the rules which his family must follow, rules like the kids must get back home by 7 o clock evening, no matter what. Now, the important fact here is that the family is a typical Indian family, with an orthodox mindset. The father and the mother are very strict about their children wearing fashionable clothes like jeans and funky hairstyle. They are also very adamant about their children talking or playing with kids of other religion. Now the funny fact is that the kids are studying in a well known school, where there are people with diverse cultures from different families. It becomes a daily trumpet where the kids come home late by 30 minutes because of their extracurricular activities in their schools. Now the parents would definitely have problem with this, to satisfy the condition, the father would amend the rules to match the living standard of the kids. Moreover we are forgetting that fact that the kids have been brought up in an orthodox mindset and henceforth the family would keep on amending the rules whenever possible. The family would lack to adapt to the changing cultures, by this the family would keep amending the rules made, by which their actual mindset would never be compactable with the new cultures. Similarly, our country has a constitution which is been influenced by the countries having different cultures than those of ours, no wonder there are over 96 amendments been made so far, and it’s so big where the government is trying its best to bend the constitution to match the countries cultures, making it even more bigger rule by rule.

What the family must do is to understand that they are now living in a completely new world with a diverse mindsets, they must forget the orthodox mindsets and adapt to the new cultures, they must understand that amending the curfew time for their kids makes no sense, rather they must put it across their mind, the understanding, that they are living in a completely new world which is way different than how it was 50 years back, so instead of amending the rules, they must rather come to an mutual understanding and come with adaptive rules as per the new cultures followed, in their city which will help the family to grow culturally and hold a high value in the society promising its progress. Similarly the government and the people must learn to set the rules for the mutual benefit that adapts to our cultures and our mindsets which definitely promises the progress of our country.


The present constitution is a mere sham, from my personal view, when I tried reading few phrases form the constitution of India, it was not that easy for me to understand it. I had to Google every term here and there to get its exact meaning and then decode it in my mind. The language used is not simple which can be understood by a common man. Not every citizen has studied law or the whole dictionary to understand the constitution. If you ask the very own people around you to read the constitution, very few people would understand the big fat words used it, that’s why we all run to the lawyers who have mastered the skill of the language used in the constitution of India. I feel it’s important to rephrase the words used to a simpler language where even a 10th pass school graduate can read and understand it more easily. Yet it’s a fact that our own constitution is not available in our own national language. This easily determines why we all shut our mouths when we are forced to pay bribes to the lawyers, to the cops, it’s not because they are corrupt, it’s because we don’t know the rule, it’s because we lack the information. The cops would just write down “you have broken the rule number 46, of the traffic act blab la blab…” and their words would just fly over our heads and make us think that “oh this gentleman knows the RULES” to escape from our mistake, we would end up paying a bribe and put an another seedling of corruption. If the constitution is rephrased in to simpler English, and also made available in Hindi and many other regional languages, then we all citizens would know the rules and bear a lot more knowledge so next time we never have a feeling that “he or she knows the RULES”

Our country is growing at a dynamic pace, after 64 years of independence we’ve known so much about our country, why should we follow an constitution which is been influenced from other countries of other cultures which were not even known to us and not existent anymore?

It’s a new India! New cultures and new colours but an old constitutions that is growing bigger every day, and there are lawyers and people in the country mugging it up instead of knowing it! Yet we are proud we have the BIGGEST Constitution… yes we are Indians!