Bombay talkies – A review by a common


Ajeeb Dasataan hain yeh! Sung by a kid and the piano strokes at the beginning of the film with the enchanting innocent voice of a kid sets you in a nostalgic mood and prepares your mind so see something of element-love. And what is obviously expected is the homosexual storyline, Because its Karan johar’s!

The best part of the film is realizing one’s sexuality and “how the coming out of the closet” is shown!
In a way, it looks stupid about a beggar singing an old song, which ends up with lots of realizations, and helps one is realizing his sexuality. but lets look it in this way; A media professional living a busy life in a metropolitiaon, and one day he accidentally meets someone who kind of helps and makes his mind tick. The lyrics of the song and its nostalgia plays an very important role in fusing the realizations of one’s sexuality, besides its all about one’s perceptions and understandings. In the film it’s the way the character perceived it because of his experiences. All I could relate to the song and its lyrics was remembering my unsuccessful love story other than feeling nostalgic.

The next film, Shiela ki jawani, its beautifully crafted and shows a kid’s mind and the development of his dreams and how one has to nurture it to find one’s destination to be happy! Yet with the superficial elements, it still makes an impact in projecting its story line.

In the nest film played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who plays as purandar a common man, who has gone through various failures and stumbling to have a good living! A Beautiful film and the sense of its unpredictability, that adds in showcasing of what goes in a common man’s life and achieving his dreams.

My most favorite film of all, A beautiful film in every way I could predict! Anurag kashyap’s Murrabba.
A very simple story and the way it is narrated! It starts with a lame wish of a dying father to his son, where he has to travel all the way to Mumbai, preserving and safeguarding a jar containing just one murraba, and the goal is to feed it to one of the famous personality of Bollywood. And all this is to make his bed-ridden father live more.
I wouldn’t mention the best part of the film, because every dam thing narrated is an interesting thing to sit and experience. It’s a very stupid idea and a belief, but you would still sit and watch it just because the way it is narrated. You would enjoy the film because it is a simple story where the character faces obstackles, challenges, achieves success, goes through failure, re-plans, and finally learns a moral that finally makes sense, bearing the stupidity of the storyline “Never put a murrabba, in a jar that was used to store achar”. 😀


3 Filters – Truth, Goodness, Usefullness…

One day an acquaintance came to meet Chanakya and said to him excitedly ,” do you know what I just heard about your friend ?”

” Just wait a while”, Chanakya replied.” Before you tell me anything I would like you to go through a little test which I call the triple filter test”.

” What’s that?” asked the acquaintance.

” I will tell you”, Chanakya said.” Before you talk to me about my friend, it might be a good idea to take a moment and filter what you are going to say. That is why I call it the Triple filter test. The first filter is ‘Truth.’ Are you sure that what you are about to tell me is true?”

“No”, the man said.” Actually, I just heard about it.”

“All right”, said Chanakya.” So you don’t really know if it is true or not. Now lets us try the second Filter, the filter of ‘Goodness’. Is what you are about to tell me about my friend something good?”

“No, on the contrary..”

“So”, Chanakya continued,” You wanted to tell me something bad about him but you are not certain it is true. You may still pass the test because there is one filter left; the filter of ‘Usefulness’. Is what you want to tell me about my friend going to be useful to me?”

“No, not really…”

“Well”, Continued Chanakya,” If you want to tell me what may not be true and is neither good nor useful, why tell it to me at all?”

MORAL OF THE STORY: He who repeats the ill he hears of another is the true slanderer


Relationship is the root for a successful Entrepreneur.

Success in life – personal or professional – depends mainly on your ability to develop and maintain long lasting relationship. Most of you may initiate new relationship quite successfully, but start stumbling gradually without realizing what’s going wrong.

I came across a article where, the author suggested an action plan: consisting of five Emotional Intelligence Skills, for building and maintaining healthy relationship

1. Ability to manage stress

2. Ability to recognize and manage emotions

3. Ability to communicate non-verbally

4. Ability to humor and

5. Ability to resolve conflicts.

This reminded me of a family consisting of parents – who made an unconventional contribution for educating their children – few brothers and sisters – all independent and self sufficient –  which virtually disintegrated due to members’ inability to manage their own emotions and resolve petty conflicts.

Initiated by the eldest brother – always highlighting, what he had done for prosperity of the family – the topic penetrated others’ mind and soul, and they too started responding with their version of contributions.

All of them failed to manage their stress and emotion, and none took any initiative to resolve this family conflict, resulting into a dramatic deterioration of their inter-personal relationship. In no time, a closely bonded family disintegrated for no genuine reasons.

If you can stop cultivating the habit of highlighting your contributions – even if, a deciding one – in any of your relationship – the biggest culprit in my opinion – and develop a ‘Natural Response System’ of recognizing others’ – success in life is assured.

A friend of mine is fully utilizing the hidden skill, suggested by the author: ability to humor,  and he is so popular with even the consumables vendors for charging the atmosphere with laughter generating comments, that they eagerly wait for his arrival – I have witnessed it myself.

In nut-shell, it’s all about injecting lots of positive energy in the surroundings and making people feel happy.
But what makes a change is about you being happy

Live in divine bliss
Chandan Raikar

Evil Bramha = Evil Mind

The Evil Bramha : Well there is nothing known as evil bramha ! Bramha is the creator of this very existing universe. Bramha is nothing but our very own mind!
Its how we train our mind, or allow it to tale over us.

The picture above explains, the MIND being controlled by the illusion of the world.

The Lotus flower which symbolizes the calm base, is converted to burning and roaring flames, encouraging anger and negativity.
The desires have over taken the mind with anger resulting in killing the character.
The love Is begin destroyed, within the character (Green represents = heavenly love or universal love).

Kuroshio Sea – A cross over view !

Been a fan of aquariums, I came across this beautiful video in YouTube by user John Rawlinson.
The scene shows off the magnificent Kuroshio Sea exhibit at its best, just in a smaller acrylic plane which holds 1981290 Gallons of water!

The main tank called the “Kuroshio Sea” holds 7,500-cubic meters (1,981,290 gallons) of water and features the world’s second largest acrylic glass panel, measuring 8.2 meters by 22.5 meters with a thickness of 60 centimeters. Whale sharks and manta rays are kept amongst many other fish species in the main tank. The song is “Please Don’t Go,” by Barcelona.

Some excellent shots ;

And by the way the song playing in the video is “Please Don’t Go,” by Barcelona.

Dhamma – The path to know the truth within you.

Dhamma” means “The Truth”.

By involving in a regular practice of Buddha’s teachings we realize ourselves from suffering and problems we face and get out of it.

The first cause to all suffering is IGNORANCE: All the problems we experience during daily life originate in ignorance, and the method for eliminating ignorance is to practice Dhamma.
Practicing Dhamma is the supreme method for improving the quality of our human life. The quality of life depends not upon external development or material progress, but upon the inner development of peace and happiness.

In the past many Buddhists lived in poor and underdeveloped countries, but they were able to find pure, lasting (ananda) happiness by practicing what Buddha had taught.

If we integrate Buddha’s teachings into our daily life, we will be able to solve all our inner problems and attain a truly peaceful mind.
All our sins will be washed, and we start travelling the inner journey to realize ourselves and exploring ourselves. I can say inner travelling is taking the path towards the light of the self.
Everyone has got their inner light, but due to ignorance, this light is unreachable, and thus everyone gets involved in the rat race.

Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible. If we first establish peace within our minds by training in spiritual paths, outer peace will come naturally; but if we do not, world peace will never be achieved, no matter how many people campaign for it.

The picture of the Gauthama Buddha above is foreseen by one of the famous siddhas during his connection to higher realms. Its not a picture of another human, it’s the gauthama himself in the physical form of his being.

And remember the word Buddha is not a name of a person;
Buddha Means : Enlightened
Gauthama became Buddha (means he became enlightened)
And anyone enlightened is known as Buddha, even you and me!

Live in divine bliss
Chandan raikar