About Me

Hello there !

My name is Chandan Raikar.
My age 19, living a happy life with my parents and my funny brother.
I grew up in Bangalore and presently residing in Bangalore, jayanagar.

My life is good, and its really awesome because I think so and expect it to be so !

I came as a tiny speck into this world… crying all my way for my wants… but the world rejoiced seeing me cry, But when I leave from this world, I want the world to cry…and I would enjoy the rejoice.!

I am passionate about every topic… seeking to know more and more and learn more….!
My aim is to be a master of all…. But I guess that’s possible only when one is enlightened !

I am very spiritual…. And believe its power.

I strongly believe in the theory that no one is more or less powerful; it’s the spirit that decides the power.
I am geek about the technology and gadgets…. and love innovating things and imagining innovations!

Music is the invisible thread of life ! Music is everywhere its right around everyone its the winds, the water streams, the air, the everything.  One can hear it only if one believes it, and let it flow it towards you. Everything in the universe is into vibration and motion. Nothing rests…everything is moving producing its own music…. Having my passion for music I am an aspiring musician too… I am armature in playing keyboards, flute and guitar !

Entrepreneurship is the biggest ship : )  ! Its all about how stable you and your mind is…. I am still climbing the steps to be a successful entrepreneur!

Art is a sign from one’s heart …. It’s the language of the soul, heart and MIND..! It can be in a any form… A picture, an imagination, music, a vision a craft…… I believe EVERYONE is an ARTIST …. But to express an art one requires having free time, patience and no stress at all….. But usually people do get involved in rat race of life and they develop the unwanted qualities…. And as a result- ART is buried deep inside….. And one’s doesn’t have time to dig all the way in to find it…. One doesn’t know that he’ll find his own utter happiness until he brings out his art ! I am artist too…… I tend to bring it out, whenever I hear it…. I don’t care weather I have exams the next day or my results!

Technology has grown quite far…. I would thank the person who invented a camera….!
I love photography…… capture anything and develop your own story, synopsis or philosophy….. Its left to you…. Anyone can do photography until you know how to operate the camera….. That’s how I do it ..!

Spirituality is the basics…. Beign spiritual is the most important path that one must follow… It opens the doors, answers the questions, and allows the lights of wisdom to flow towards your mind… One doesnt become spiritual if he is blindly following it or just blindly bealieve in it… If one can understand it by the self narrative terms under the state of observing the self and the universe around, the one can be said spiritual… these are sentences are of my own experiences… and would not like to speak more about it while walking its path without reaching the source…

And This is how I am, and how I live my life !



This post keeps getting updated.


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