Bombay talkies – A review by a common


Ajeeb Dasataan hain yeh! Sung by a kid and the piano strokes at the beginning of the film with the enchanting innocent voice of a kid sets you in a nostalgic mood and prepares your mind so see something of element-love. And what is obviously expected is the homosexual storyline, Because its Karan johar’s!

The best part of the film is realizing one’s sexuality and “how the coming out of the closet” is shown!
In a way, it looks stupid about a beggar singing an old song, which ends up with lots of realizations, and helps one is realizing his sexuality. but lets look it in this way; A media professional living a busy life in a metropolitiaon, and one day he accidentally meets someone who kind of helps and makes his mind tick. The lyrics of the song and its nostalgia plays an very important role in fusing the realizations of one’s sexuality, besides its all about one’s perceptions and understandings. In the film it’s the way the character perceived it because of his experiences. All I could relate to the song and its lyrics was remembering my unsuccessful love story other than feeling nostalgic.

The next film, Shiela ki jawani, its beautifully crafted and shows a kid’s mind and the development of his dreams and how one has to nurture it to find one’s destination to be happy! Yet with the superficial elements, it still makes an impact in projecting its story line.

In the nest film played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who plays as purandar a common man, who has gone through various failures and stumbling to have a good living! A Beautiful film and the sense of its unpredictability, that adds in showcasing of what goes in a common man’s life and achieving his dreams.

My most favorite film of all, A beautiful film in every way I could predict! Anurag kashyap’s Murrabba.
A very simple story and the way it is narrated! It starts with a lame wish of a dying father to his son, where he has to travel all the way to Mumbai, preserving and safeguarding a jar containing just one murraba, and the goal is to feed it to one of the famous personality of Bollywood. And all this is to make his bed-ridden father live more.
I wouldn’t mention the best part of the film, because every dam thing narrated is an interesting thing to sit and experience. It’s a very stupid idea and a belief, but you would still sit and watch it just because the way it is narrated. You would enjoy the film because it is a simple story where the character faces obstackles, challenges, achieves success, goes through failure, re-plans, and finally learns a moral that finally makes sense, bearing the stupidity of the storyline “Never put a murrabba, in a jar that was used to store achar”. 😀